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For all X has done to try and make advertisers believe it’s a platform that’s safe for brands, advertisers remain unconvinced — and the latest headlines don’t help.

Earlier this month it was revealed that DoubleVerify reportedly provided incorrect data for X advertisers over the course of at least four months, later apologizing for the snafu. Around the same time, Hyundai became the latest advertiser to pause advertising on the platform after a sponsored post was seen next to antisemetic content. 

X CEO Linda Yaccarino has since responded on from her own account, urging advertisers who left on account of DoubleVerify’s “erroneous data” to reconsider their decision. But the DoubleVerify blunder is only the latest in a long string of issues that have plagued the platform since November 2022. At this point, the juice may not be worth the squeeze, according to four paid social experts Digiday spoke with for this story.

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