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My expertise in marketing strategy, transformation, AI, data,
and technology unlocks
extraordinary results.

Marketing Strategy

Great organizations know that customer and marketing strategy is about a holistic approach. Combining the right people, processes, data, and technology can be the difference between a good marketing strategy and one that truly becomes a powerful competitive advantage. I have additional marketing and customer experience capabilities to create the teams of experts to drive client success. My nimble, innovative, and data-first philosophy equips future-forward marketing organizations with solutions that create lasting customer awareness, demand and experience.

First-Party Data Strategy

With me expertise in digital and data marketing, I’m able to play a crucial role in navigating the complexities of a first-party data strategy and to get from strategy to implementation.

By leveraging the knowledge and expertise in marketing, media and MarTech with my data engineering specialists I can deliver custom made data strategy from collection to use case development. My strategy and as a change consultant I can oversee the development and execution of a holistic data strategy that aligns with legal requirements and all internal stakeholders. This collaborative approach ensures that all stakeholders are involved and working towards a shared goal.

Customer Journey Mapping and Optimization Strategy

I can help you to understand your current state customer journey and any points of friction. I have expereince in designing a seamless experience to augment customer and marketing strategies and paths to customer acquisition and retention.

Marketing Technology Stack and Data Strategy

Organizations of all sizes must have a strategy that leverages technology to respond quickly to competitors, create great customer experiences, improve productivity, gain efficiencies, and make better decisions through data and analytics.

I have experience in operating off of a Technology Strategy Framework that provides a structure for implementing change while remaining focused on achieving key business objectives. This process incorporates transformational leadership, organizational alignment and change management, product architecture and design, lean management, and DevOps for quick-to-market reliable delivery. There is no one-size-fits-all comprehensive technology strategy, but by working across these verticals you are able to prioritize changes that enable the business to achieve its goals.

Modern Marketing Transformation

Customer expectations have evolved beyond simplistic personalization. Marketing needs to wrangle a range of technologies, teams, and processes to deliver a seamless, differentiated customer experience. I can help to utilize technology and data to modernize marketing capabilities, allowing you to capture and retain competitive market positioning. I also act as the bridge between marketing and IT to ensure the change is adopted across the entire organization.

Marketing Transformation Strategy

With the myriad of platforms and offerings in the MarTech space, organizations can be tempted to set off at a rapid pace on their transformation journey before mapping their route or choosing the right tools to get there. Before committing to implement a solution that misses your destination, start with an unbiased review of your current state, a clear assessment of the gaps between you and your goals, and a solid plan to modernize your organization successfully.

MarTech Enablement

I manage highly complex, global technical programs, and partner with you from the beginning to the end of a MarTech implementation. I have the experience, frameworks, and methodologies to minimize risk and maximize success. Whether the project is large or small, I keep the end goal in mind of delivering remarkable customer experiences, and I focus on all the technical and operational details required to achieve them.

MarTech Optimization

Adding new tools or lengthy migrations to the latest platform may not always be the answer to reaching new levels of maturity and revenue growth. My years of experience in implementing and enhancing the leading marketing technology solutions can help unlock new capabilities with your existing tech stack to meet the ever-growing expectations of consumers.

Marketing Analytics Platform

Today, organizations face the complex challenge of balancing customer data privacy and preferences with the need for data-driven insights and media attribution. Those able to adapt will compete and lead in the evolving digital landscape.


“Data-driven” can and should be more than a buzzword. By starting with the business drivers and overlaying the art of what’s possible, I consistently find ways to make organizations faster, smarter, and more efficient in their decisions. I do this by helping them reimagine their business problems in a way that leverages data and algorithms so that organizations can fundamentally learn and then outmaneuver the competition.

Modern Data Architecture

The exponential growth of data has made it an invaluable tool for organizational decision-making. With the proper infrastructure in place, data is a vital resource in the strategic decision-making process. Organizations that scale to meet new data demands can utilize their data to find new customers, revenue, and competitive advantages in any industry.

I’ll work with you to design and implement scalable, flexible, and secure data architecture for your organization to understand its past, optimize present operations, and conquer the challenges of the future.

Analytics & Insights

The landscape of data and analytics is dynamic, and the ability to properly understand and embrace this constant flux is what separates industry laggards from leaders. I partner with organizations at any stage of that journey, from assessing analytical maturity, to building a foundation for analytics, to developing best-in-class reports and dashboards. Throughout the process, I will pull insights from your data and provide analytics that will allow your organization to run more smoothly, reduce operational inefficiencies, and allow for better decision-making.

Data Science, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

I equip clients with advanced capabilities within data science, ML, and AI at enterprise scale to better target customers, improve customer experience, optimize inefficiencies, and ultimately lead the market. Let’s work together to accelerate your data science capabilities using established tools and approaches combined with my expertise and curiosity to give your organization AI and ML platforms you can control and understand.

Governance & Compliance

With a proven track record, I can partner with your organization to design and implement the appropriate roadmap, build a data governance foundation, and help set up the proper tools to meet ongoing data challenges. Create a data-driven competitive advantage with the right business processes, efficiencies, and data management guidelines.


Today, every business is facing disruption. Organizations of all sizes must adapt and modernize to compete in the new digital marketplace. They must leverage technology to respond quickly to competitors, create great customer experiences, improve productivity, gain efficiencies, and make better decisions through data and analytics. I take a holistic approach that addresses technology, process, and structure to make a lasting impact. I’ll work with you to create short, focused implementations that deliver value along the way.

MarTech & AdTech Enablement

I generate demand with marketing and advertising tactics that rely on best-of-breed technologies. My consulting professionals take a case-driven approach to make the most of your MarTech and AdTech stacks to drive incremental business performance and create extraordinary customer loyalty.

Emerging Technologies

Whether it’s internet of things, artificial intelligence/machine learning, edge computing, or other innovations, new technology promises to drive significant outcomes from your business. However, there is usually lack of talent, experience, and implementation best practices for these technologies that are still maturing. Companies often must fill in the blanks to get value from them.

I can help companies navigate these challenges by combining expertise and experience to explore the capabilities of leading-edge technologies. I iterate together with proven innovation processes to find the right application of emerging technologies.

Omnichannel Experiences

I help organizations increase how much customers spend as behaviors shift toward integrated omnichannel experiences. I partner with you to implement, re-factor, and activate technology that powers profitable and harmonious cross-channel experiences. I look ahead to future-proof your investments.