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Looks like Google’s attempts to shake up targeted advertising in the Chrome browser are getting more eye rolls than applause. Even the U.K.’s privacy regulator the Information Commissioner’s Office is squinting skeptically, questioning if Google’s alternatives to third-party cookies will just stir up more trouble.

These concerns have made their way to the U.K.’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA). But why does the group’s opinion matter so much? Stick around to uncover why it’s key in the whole saga of bidding farewell to third-party cookies.

First up, WTF is the CMA?

The CMA, or Competition and Markets Authority, is essentially the watchdog of the U.K.’s business world. It keeps an eye on mergers, makes sure companies are playing fair and investigates when it smells something fishy in the market. Its job is to keep competition healthy and protect consumers from shady practices.

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