Why — and how — ESL/FACEIT Group is spinning up its own esports streaming platform

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As esports companies large and small look to monetize more effectively, one of the industry’s leading league operators is standing up its own livestreaming service in a bid to capture eyeballs — and ad dollars — from the space’s pre-existing players.

ESL/FACEIT Group, the Germany-based, Saudi Arabian-owned esports giant, launched its streaming platform, FACEIT Watch, on Feb. 8. The service comes loaded with a suite of relatively in-depth viewing tools, including multi-perspective viewing featuring the points of view of active players, a kill cam and a custom sound mixer.

EFG’s streaming platform is one of the first attempts by a major esports league operator to create a livestreaming product independent of competitors such as Twitch and YouTube. In 2019, Riot Games partnered with broadcast company Znipe Esports to develop Pro View, another in-depth streaming service sold as a premium subscription product, but the company sunsetted Pro View in 2022. EFG has similarly partnered with Znipe to launch FACEIT Watch — but unlike Riot’s past experiment, FACEIT Watch is free to use.

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