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One of the biggest operational overheads for any AdTech company are infrastructure costs. The pure nature of programmatic advertising processes, such as real-time bidding and audience creation, require huge volumes of data to be processed every second.

Carrying out these processes results in high infrastructure bills. Optimizing various cloud-computing services can help reduce the costs, however, it’s often a time-consuming process that many DevOps teams simply don’t have time for.

Enter Antimetal.

Clearcode’s Head of Marketing, Michael Sweeney, recently spoke to Matthew Parkhurst, co-founder and CEO at Antimetal, to learn more about how Antimetal helps companies save costs on their AWS infrastructure setups.

Tell us a bit about Antimetal and what you guys do.

Antimetal automates AWS savings, giving you the flexibility of on-demand services with the savings of long term commitments.

What is the main problem that you help companies solve?

Forecasting AWS spend is incredibly difficult and time consuming. Done wrong, it can cost companies a significant amount of money. We make forecasting easy and drastically reduce the risk of making the wrong forecast for your AWS bill. This allows companies to engage with long-term AWS commitments and their associated savings, without worry.

Antimetal helps companies save money on AWS costs. You have recently started focusing on the AdTech industry, why is that?

Our customers in the AdTech space routinely experience the same problems: Extremely high AWS compute spend. Our tool is ideal for the space as we allow AdTech companies to see an average saving of 62% on their AWS in minutes.

Infrastructure costs are one of the biggest costs for any AdTech company. Tell us about how AdTech companies can reduce these costs manually (i.e. by relying on their DevOps teams to make optimizations) vs using Antimetal to do it? What are the main advantages of using Antimetal in this situation?

Antimetal is not a replacement for DevOps teams, but a useful tool to help them achieve their goals of reducing AWS costs. 

Our best customer is one that has optimized their AWS spend but needs to take their optimization to the next level. 

Our algorithm collects data across a wide array of sources, from the AWS Reserved Instance marketplace to utilization and coverage, allowing us to generate recommendations far beyond what companies would see in Cost Explorer or other savings tools on the market. 

How specifically does Antimetal help AdTech companies reduce the cost of the AWS bills?

Antimetal analyzes customers accounts to see exactly how best they can save on their AWS bills. We’ve built a complex dataset for AdTech customers allowing us to maximize their savings in a unique manner. 

Learn more about Antimetal here.

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