How Google’s entry into in-game advertising puts a spotlight on an industry in flux

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Google AdMob is officially serving in-game ads, showing the ongoing growth and mainstream acceptance of the format. But while this might be good news for in-game ads as a concept, it’s not necessarily a cause for celebration for the companies already operating in the space.

AdMob announced its expansion into in-game ads via a blog post on March 12. Like other in-game ad companies, AdMob’s offerings are immersive, taking the form of traditional digital banner ads overlaid on in-game objects such as street signs or billboards. For now, AdMob’s inventory is limited to mobile games, though AdMob group project manager Derek Butcher made it clear that the company will eventually offer ad placements inside both two-dimensional mobile games and three-dimensional games in the vein of “Roblox” or “Call of Duty.”

“A lot of these 3D games, especially, have no ad monetization; as we all know, IAP [in-app purchases] can be great, but it’s usually a small percentage of users,” Butcher said. “So there’s a way that you can have your cake and eat it too — keep that IAP, because the ads aren’t intrusive, but also get your advertising and have that whole picture be a thing that’s not detrimental to the overall user experience.”

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