Why Euro 2024 is ‘a big step change’ for the areas advertisers will rely on

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For soccer fans watching tonight’s opening UEFA European Championship soccer game between Scotland and Germany in Munich, it’s not just about the scoreline but the storyline.

The big moments include retiring German midfielder Toni Kroos’ swan song on home soil, a rare chance for Premier League players Scott McTominay and Andy Robertson to prove themselves in international competition, and the battle between a once-imperial German side and a Scotland team keen to prove they’re a team worthy of respect.

Marketers, however, will be watching out for the advertisers that manage to use the tournament to tune into crowd sympathies, build up their brands and harness those unfolding sporting narratives to increase brand consideration and purchase intent. Ahead of kick-off, Digiday spoke to a range of sports marketing and media experts about which channels are likely to help marketers reach their goals at the Euros.

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