Why commerce media networks are making a bigger play at Cannes Lions 2024

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The growth of retail media — er, commerce media — is on full display at the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity this week.

With everything becoming an ad network, the burgeoning channel has expanded far beyond that of retailers like Target and Walmart. Brands like Chase and United, which both rolled out new ad networks in recent weeks, are on the ground with cabanas at Cannes for the first time to shake hands with and pitch advertisers on their ad networks. The new networks are not alone in making Cannes a priority this year. Established retail media networks like Kroger are also dedicating a footprint in Cannes for the first time with a cabana as well as dedicated programming in the hopes of gathering an audience of festival attendees and potential advertisers.

It’s easy to see why commerce media networks are making a bigger play at Cannes. The wheeling and dealing seems to have returned in full force. Pitches are happening. Client meetings to reinforce relationships are taking place. The rosé is flowing. Why not try to garner the attention of a CMO as they pass the Palais with QR codes where marketers can learn more about the new network (United) or roll out the pink carpet to plaster with branding that passerby are certain to see multiple times throughout the day (T-Mobile) or even just offer an oasis of air conditioning and shade amid the blazing sun of Cannes (all network Cabanas). 

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