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What sets my advisory and consulting apart:

I am not just a coach; I actively works with top brands and uses the latest marketing technology platforms. In other words, I get my hands dirty working with teams in real-world settings with real stakes, budgets, & deadlines. This gives me up-to-the-minute, hands-on experience that can bring to leaders and teams, rather than general advice.

The right technology stack for the job: with experience and training in Adobe, Salesforce, Google, META (fka Facebook), and other platforms, I know there isn’t one single way to get great results. It takes a deep understanding of the nuance of each organization and its unique culture, processes, and platform approach.

I have extensive experience in advisory, training, leading, and working embedded within teams at Fortune 1000 and larger companies with a focus on turning strategies into reality with a focus on measurable outcomes with realistic paths to get to the desired results.

At the forefront of changes, trends, movers and shakers in the industry. From the 100+ interviews with leaders and technology company executives to my place as a thought leader and practitioner in the industry, I know and understands the spaces that leading organizations need to be in, and knows the players involved.

I work with existing partners and consultants or can bring in partners through my own network of partners. The relationship can be as flexible as needed and does not need to replace current work in progress or relationships with larger consultancies.

Ready to achieve your vision? I’m here to help.