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About Devendra Shivhare

I am on a mission to define the ways in which business, brand, CX, marketing, media, digital & technology converge to ensure that any brand has the capability of holistic growth, opportunity & fulfillment.

Devendra is passionate about understanding his customer’s business problems and devising meaningful solutions that not only help them make smarter, data-driven decisions, but become “believers” that anything is possible when we collaborate.

Devendra excels in fostering client partnerships, leading digital transformation, and achieving outstanding outcomes across diverse sectors, encompassing digital banking, e-commerce, and digital marketing.


Discover Devendra, a seasoned senior technology executive renowned for orchestrating impactful digital marketing campaigns and harnessing state-of-the-art technologies for exceptional outcomes. With a successful history of optimizing brand visibility, customer interaction, and revenue generation, Devendra adeptly employs a range of tools, including CMS, CDP, DMP, CRM, Marketing Automation, Email Marketing, and Paid Media strategies. Notably, Devendra's prowess extends to harnessing the power of ML/AI technologies, IoT analytics, and data-centric approaches to enhance efficiency and fuel customer acquisition. Uncover how Devendra can revolutionize your digital marketing journey.


Devendra stands out as an enthusiastic community leader and tech evangelist, playing a pivotal role in promoting teamwork and knowledge exchange among varied groups. With a strong zeal for pioneering advancements and keeping pace with sector developments, Devendra takes an active role in conferences, industry gatherings, and thought leadership endeavors. The possession of remarkable communication and interpersonal proficiencies further empowers Devendra to captivate and motivate teams, clients, and stakeholders alike.


Your Trusted Partner for Strategic Digital Solutions and Client Engagement. With a track record of fostering robust client relationships, Devendra excels in offering strategic insights and implementing impactful digital transformations. Proficient in assessing client requirements, comprehending business goals, and harmonizing technology approaches for measurable results. Build lasting client connections and drive mutual achievements with Devendra as your reliable consultant.


Empowering Business Growth Through Strategic Vision and Advanced Technology. With a profound grasp of the digital realm, Devendra excels as a strategic visionary. His adeptness in crafting all-encompassing technology roadmaps that align with business goals sets him apart. Through expert utilization of data analytics, DSP, Open AI, and other cutting-edge technologies, Devendra derives invaluable insights for informed decisions, propelling remarkable growth.



The widespread availability of data, digital technologies, and optimization strategies have necessitated a holistic change in the way brands understand, reach, attract, convert, and engage their customers. Devendra can help you on how marketing is being transformed in five disciplines.


Devendra can help you to analyze a business from a customer-centric viewpoint and examine the steps to developing a customer strategy. Also, help to determine two key business metrics.


Devendra can help you understand the marketing technology landscape and equip you with the knowledge and frameworks to do the select marketing technologies, Implement marketing technologies, Leverage marketing technologies. Devendra can focus on the automated and AI-delivered applications driving modern marketing. Also, help to employ marketing automation and AI applications to accomplish with customers.


Devendra can help you to explore data-driven techniques used by modern marketers in understanding their customers. Devendra will investigate the applications of automated behavioral marketing and platforms for mapping strategies to customer intent and marketing in real-time to "a segment of one." Devendra can help you to investments in people, integrated data, analytics tools and organizational structure.


They say a visionary leader can shape the future, and Devendra exemplifies this through their unrivaled expertise in emerging technologies. With a profound understanding of digital trends, marketing strategies, AI implementation, media dynamics, and customer experience enhancement, Devendra empowers businesses to stride confidently into the future. Their adept guidance helps businesses harness the power of cutting-edge tools, creating unparalleled opportunities for growth and innovation. By seamlessly merging technological prowess with strategic insights, Devendra paves the way for businesses to not only stay relevant but also to lead the pack in this ever-evolving landscape.


Devendra can help you to explore data-driven techniques used by modern marketers in understanding their customers. I can help to investigate the applications of automated behavioral marketing and platforms for mapping strategies to customer intent and marketing in real-time to "a segment of one.". Also, I can help to map the customer experience and align content strategy and innovations with customer intent. Creating a winning brand strategy is a tremendous challenge, but the real challenge lies in implementing the strategy, the part of the process where breakdown usually occurs. I can help to apply a practical model to guide brand strategy orchestration across your enterprise, one that aligns with these key elements.


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Devendra has spoken at business conferences, universities, summits, corporate events, and masterminds. He caters his keynotes to the audience, industry, and business level.

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